GlutaBerry KOREAN Glutathione Whitening Fairness Halal Beauty Suppliment
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Muslimah Plus Size & Hijab
GlutaBerry KOREAN Glutathione Whitening Fairness Halal Beauty Suppliment
GlutaBerry KOREAN Glutathione Whitening Fairness Halal Beauty Suppliment

GlutaBerry KOREAN Glutathione Whitening Fairness Halal Beauty Suppliment

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Halal (produced in Muslim Owned Halal Certified Factory)

Raw Materials Imported from KOREA

Works as well as the New Zealand version. May require 2 tablets for person with darker complexion.  

Produced and Packaged in Malaysia in a Halal Certified Muslim owned factory.

Each bottle contains 30 capsules.
Stored in PET or HDPE container.


Each opaque white vege capsule contains:
Ascorbic Acid
Vitamin E

Opaque white vege capsules that transport nutrients past the acid in the stomach and disperse them in the GI tract for enhanced absorption and reflux reduction.


Glutaberry is clinically proven and designed to promote a healthy cycle of skin cell regeneration making skin healthy, clear of blemish and more

Glutaberry is known for :-
1. Anti Aging - Slows aging process by inhibiting the collapse of the oxidized fats and increases carbohydrate metabolism.
2. UV Ray Protection Contains Vitamins that blocks UV Ray damage to skin that results in premature aging.
3. Fairness - Fades dark/yellow/brown pigmentation to white glowing pigmentation, inhibits melanin production safely with no side effects.
4. Rejuvenates - Reduces discoloration and encourage regeneration of skin with its special anti-oxidant properties while it works to prevent cancer cells developement
5. Detoxify - Reduces excessive oil production in skin & unclogging pores
6.Natural Collagen - Encourage the development of Natural Collagen in skin
Other Benefits

1. Block the production of melanin (by interrupting the activation of Tyrosinase).

2. Help NEW, lighter skin cells rise to the surface.

3. Help block UV rays with organic, plant-based sun filters.

4. Slough off dead, pigmented cells, exhibits whitening effects faster.

5. For smoker, alcohol or drug users, it is one of the best liver detoxification agent. It helps regain energy & strength, nourishing spleen & kidneys.

Benefits of selenium and its role as L-glutathione, vitamin C & E cofactor

Selenium is an essential mineral and nutrient. In vivo, L- glutathione, vitamin C and E, go through a protein synthesis with selenium and formed selenoproteins. It is an important antioxidant enzyme that protects cell membranes and also shelter gene. In the process of synthesis of selenium, L- glutathione, vitamin C and E produces excellent effect, enhance the body immunity, well known and  the leading anti-cancer suppliment as well as an effective diabetes buster.


Patients who are hypersensitive to any of the ingredients, kidney problem, pregnant or G6PD deficiency.


Suggest dosage can be adjusted to the adapt conditions or personal needs.
Usually, the dosage taken will refer to each body conditions & size.
Adult: Take 1-2 capsules daily before sleep (1 hour after food) for beautiful skin in the morning.

Darker skin may require 2-3 capsules.


Store in cool dry place below 30C, protect from light. Keep out of the reach of children.


Note by Me - If you had bought from since I first started this site, you may have recognize the before pictures that I took of myself to model some of the shawls that we have at that time. 

Now, I dont look like that anymore, I look like how i do in the after picture. Yes, my skin is fairer. Its not make up. In fact, i seldom wear make up now, I dont like foundation and I love bare skin. The most i will put on my skin is BB cushion with spf 55. Coz I dont want the sun to reverse my hard care of my skin.

Ofcourse, these results dont happen overnight, you may notice some positive skin changes the first time you use it but I am not selling a miracle here. I myself took 2 years to get my skin to this shade of fairness. I did not give up and I was consistent. I took the capsule everyday. Every month I will notice my skin either becoming fairer, or it will be so much better. I can show you my during pictures in 2015 when my pores were widely visible, now it is so much lesser or almost non visible. 

I tried so many products that promised fairness, the ones that did work was so expensive, so started my team and worked with a lab to find out why these expensive suppliments work but is so expensive, prices start at RM1000+ about USD250 per bottle. I wanted to know,  what was making them so expensive. I found out the secret. My team & I decided we will come out with our own version that works as well but at a fraction of the price! Yes, we end up at RM190

We need agents and distributers Worldwide!

Come join our team and together, we sell this amazing product to the world. Be beautiful, look beautiful.